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Our Promise to you:

Having a root canal can cause fear for some people. They may have heard family or friends describing an unpleasant experience they had years ago. Well, times have changed and so has dentistry. Our cutting edge technology and expertise have made this once feared procedure as painless as a dental procedure can be. We hope the information on this site will allay your fears, and help you make an informed dental health decision.

A New Generation of Treatment

Some teeth that have been previously treated with endodontic therapy, have a recurrent infection.

In other cases,  surgical intervention may be required or at least a viable alternative to re-treatment.​

There are many steps in the procedure we call endodontic therapy, but basically the space where the nerve lives inside the tooth is accessed and the nerve is removed.

Root Canal

​​Consultations are encouraged for each and every patient. At this appointment you will get to see Dr. Speck and discuss treatment and fees.