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We at Speck Endodontics believe that less is more.  Dr. Speck and all of us at Speck Endodontics know that seeing fewer patients each day allows us to spend more time with you during your treatment.  No interruptions during your procedure, allows us to be as thorough as possible providing you with the best care available for your needs.  

We take time during every consultation to address every concern, and answer every question you may have. You are paying not only for our dental skills, but also for us to educate and inform you. We give you the time you deserve.  So by seeing less people, you get more. 

Endodontic practice is emergency-based. Patients cannot help when their toothache occurs. Many times we get more than one or two emergencies each day, and we can't very well say "no" to someone who is hurting. Despite having to change our schedule, we still make sure each person is given the amount of time they deserve, even if this means that we work late, or through lunch, or both. We provide emergency services on a case by case basis, after hours and on weekends.Type your paragraph here.